Product & Services

Product & Services

For nearly 20 years, Know-How Transfer Co., Ltd. has continuously built a solid reputation for quality and performance based on strong integrity and intense commitment to maintain our customers’ satisfaction. Since 1996 we have become one of Thailand’s top steel fabricators for steel structures, piping, vessels, pressure and cryogenic vessels, and tanks, filters and filter housings, heat exchangers and other equipment for the petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, power generating and other heavy industry.

We provide design, manufacturing including surface treatment, site erection and installation, repair and maintenance works, and the provision of all services needed to execute and/or to provide these works for local and international customers and projects.



Our products and services include but are not limited to:

Design and Engineering

Fabrication and Erection:

- Sheet Metal Work

- Structural Steel Work

- Storage Tanks and Silos

- Pressure Vessels, Drums and Heat Exchangers

- Piping Work


Maintenance and Services:

- Plant Shutdown Service

- Steam Boiler Repair


Surface Treatment:

- Sand and Shot Blasting

- Painting and Coating



For details and references please refer to our Project Experiences or inquire directly to our sales department.

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